Area Rug and Oriental Carpet Cleaning

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Professional Area Rug Cleaning for over 60 years

We know oriental and area rug cleaning!
A periodic oriental rug cleaning will help your area rugs look better and last longer. It may be time to get your rugs cleaned. Grit and dirt accumulated in the foundation of rugs will cause damage over time. Only a professional rug cleaning will fully clean and protect your area rug from long term wear and damage.

Let Alexanian’ s restore your oriental rug back to its original beauty. We offer...
1) Oriental & area rug cleaning. 2) Stain guard protection. 3) Deodorization. 4) Moth prevention.
5) Machine and handmade fringing. 6) Hand serging & reweaving. 7) Machine binding and serging.
8) Pickup and delivery available.



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The Area Rug Cleaning Process

We use a 16-foot wide full bed Moore machine that is specifically engineered and designed to wash a wide array of hand-made and machine-made rugs. The solution to great cleaning starts before your rug is washed. First, we send your rug into a dusting machine where all the grit and dust, that has been embedded deep into the pile, is removed. After a thorough dusting, the rug is tested for colourfastness. At this stage blockers may be added if the rug exhibits a tendency to bleed. Then spot and stains will be attended to by hand. Next, the rug goes into the bath. The rug is soaked in both water and soap and its pile gets lightly scoured, then it goes under the jet wash, and comes out through the wringers at the back of the machine. The rug then gets hung on a drying pole and goes into a well ventilated temperature controlled drying room. The fringes are hand-cleaned before the rug is brought down off the pole.


Oriental Rug Repairs

Alexanians has a staff of oriental rug repair experts that will machine or hand fringe, machine or hand bind, serge and even reweave your carpet back to its original condition. The results of a fine repair can be astounding! More about rug repairs.

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Custom Rugs

Looking for something unique and original.We make rugs of any size. Including custom border rugs, inset rugs, carved rugs and logo rugs. See our custom rugs.

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The Cleaning Experts

We have been cleaning and repairing oriental and area rugs since the 1940's with the same dedication to quality and service.

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